Lamp socket Lamp holder Lens module Crimping tool Optical lens DSC lens

Lamp holder, Lamp socket, Crimping tool, Optical lens, Lens module, DSC lens

We are a leading Lamp holder and Lamp socket manufacturer specialized in Lamp holder, Lens module, Lamp socket,  Crimping tool, DSC lens, Optical lens, Plastic lens, Aspheric lens, and camera module. K.S. Terminals Inc, an ISO 9001 & QS 9000 certified company, has been contributing the best professional skills in the connectors and terminals manufacturing in the past 30 years. For providing the design flexibility, cost-effective reliability and mistake-proof capability, the BMC series are designed and produced for your products' efficient installation and reliable performance.

Plastic lens, Aspheric lens, Camera module, Lamp holder and socket manufacturer

KST intends to promote own-production capability of mold, tooling, jigs. We have established a Tool Shop, introducing all kinds of high class, precise mother machines from European countries and USA such as CNC wire cutting M/C, CNC machine center, CNC high speed jig boring M/C, two/three dimension measuring instrument... etc., to raise up tool production's precision / efficiency and self control ability. Presently, KST has controlled the precision processing technique of 3C Titanium thin wall products, tooling design and manufacturing capability, expected to become an international level professional manufacture. OEM and ODM are welcome. Please send us your inquiry today regarding our Lamp holder, Lamp socket, Crimping tool, and other products.

Lamp holder  Crimping tool  Lamp socket
Lens module  Optical lens  DSC lens  Lamp holder manufacturer
Aspheric lens  Plastic lens  Camera module


Lamp holder Lamp socket Crimping tool Lens module Optical lens DSC lens Aspheric lensPlastic lens camera module Lamp holder manufacturer

Lamp holder  Crimping tool  Lamp socket

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